Volunteering Opportunities

MHA acknowledges the importance of collaborating with all of the people who care about our students.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, extended family member, or community friend, we welcome your involvement in our school.  We provide many opportunities for you to contribute your talents, skills, and time as partners in fostering growth in our young people.


Please use the 'Get in Touch' button below if you would like more information about one of these ideas or if you have an idea that you would like to share!  There are many ways that you can help! 

Ways to Get Involved:
Workplace Professionals Mentoring program with high school students

  • Volunteer Librarians

  • Wellness and Healthy Choices program for promoting and supporting good mind-body choices across all school divisions

  • Elementary plays and parties: organizing, planning, and decorating for 

  • Fundraiser Events: organizing, planning, and decorating

  • Dorm Student Hosting: shabbat dinners, family nights, transportation, etc.

  • Grant writing assistance


Whether you can take on a big project or can only offer a short-term commitment, we can use YOU!  Email info@mhafyos.org to get more information about volunteering.