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Dormitory Program

Our dormitory programs offer a unique opportunity to students from across the country to make Memphis their home away from home. The proximity of both dorms to the homes of the in-town students, to the homes of the school’s teachers and rebbeim, as well as to the local synagogues ensures that the dorm students feel very much a part of the warm Memphis Jewish community.

Dorm students receive three meals a day from the school’s kitchen with the exception of Shabbat when arrangements are made for every dorm student to eat both Shabbat meals at the home of a faculty member or community family.

The dormitories are staffed by mentors who serve both as supervisors and advisers. Dorm counselors have access to transportation which may be used to shuttle dorm students to appointments, stores, the Memphis JCC and other errands. All dorm students have a mandated study each night to ensure that their homework is being done and arrangements can be made for tutoring or other support services as needed by the individual student.

Recent hometowns include Birmingham, AL, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC,​ Jacksonville, FL, Little Rock, AR, Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, New York, NY, Nashville, TN, New Orleans, LA, St. Louis, MO, and more.

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