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MHA-FYOS teachers and rabbis truly care about each and every student. Our curriculum is aligned with industry standards and our faculty is well-versed in unique instructional methods designed for all styles of learning. We strive to maintain excellent communication channels between classrooms and families.


Early Childhood

Our youngest students benefit from small group teaching and caring instructors.  Our early childhood teachers use the project approach to create an environment of active and engaged learners. Lessons are tailored to individual children based on their interests and skills.  Our early childhood curriculum is developmentally appropriate.  We use a approach that integrates Judaic topics, music, art, technology, PE, and appropriate academic learning for preschool students.  We offer Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Kindergarten classes.


Grades 1 through 8

Students in grades 1 through 8 participate in a dual-program curriculum.  
Students spend half of each school day learning Judaic topics and Ivrit, and half of their day learning traditional general studies (math, science, writing, etc.).  We also encourage social and emotional growth in our middle-grade students. We maintain a strong focus on anti-bullying, digital citizenship, and life skills through both formal curricula (e.g., Digital Citizenship and Life Skills) and also informal curricula such as mentoring programs, stories, social skills discussions, and role-play.


Grades 9 through 12

The Feinstone Yeshiva of the South is comprised of two separate schools.  Boys attend the Cooper Yeshiva, while girls attend Goldie Margolin School for Girls.  Both schools are located on the same campus, but are housed in separate buildings.  These separate schools have student lounges, beit midrashot, and libraries.


Feinstone Yeshiva provides a unique educational atmosphere where the warmth of a small Southern school meets the inspiration of religious growth and rigor of academic excellence, and where analytical skills are taught side by side skills for life. Our goal is to develop and cultivate the talents of each student while igniting their natural enthusiasm to learn. 

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