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Leach Early Childhood Center

Songs permeate the air of our early childhood program and smiles light up the classrooms.  We encourage our preschoolers to cultivate their inner curiosity and develop a genuine love for learning.


We are accredited by NAEYC, and our early childhood education center provides a loving and nurturing Jewish environment in which preschool students begin to explore the world in which they live.  Our youngest students benefit from small class sizes which allow for small group work and individualized instruction.  Our Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Kindergarten classes utilize the project approach to create an environment of active and engaged learners. 


Through hands-on, meaningful, center based activities, our curriculum integrates social studies, science, language arts, mathematics, art, music, technology, and physical education with rich Jewish content, an introduction to Hebrew language, and a strong emphasis on Torah values and middot.


At Leach Early Childhood Center, students experience a happy time, filled with fun moments, new discoveries and adventures in learning. We seek to foster both cognitive and academic development and also social and emotional skills.

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