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Jessica Baum

Director of Recruitment and Marketing

Ronit Brakha

Lower School Judaic Assistant and Resource Room Pullout

Ariana Branson

High School Science Teacher

Pamela Buchwalter

STEAM Center Coordinator and 1st Grade General Studies

Scott Chambers


Bracha Einhorn

PreK3 Judaics Co-Teacher and Social/Emotional Curriculum Coordinator

Yafit Fishbach

Lower School Language Arts/Social Studies, Afterschool Clubs

Rabbi Yonason Gersten

Upper School JS Principal

Chana Goldstone

GMSG Programming Director

Sarit Grunwald

2nd Grade Judaic Studies Assistant

Tova Hauser

1st Grade Judaic Studies Assistant

Rabbi Matisyahu Hollander

Middle School Rebbe and Boys Dorm Supervisor

Anat Kampf

Bat Ami Coordinator, 3rd Grade Judaic Studies, and Assistant Principal in the Middle School Division

Michelle Katz

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Lauren Lashlee

Elementary Aide and 4th Grade General Studies Co-Teacher

Katie Lichter

3rd Grade General Studies

Rhonda Martin

High School History and Government Teacher

Kim Minner

General Studies Aide and ECE Coverage

James Nokes

Athletic Director and Instructor of Physical Education

Sara Plotitsa

Upper School Coordinator

Rabbi Dovid Safier

FYOS Instructor of Judaics

Hanielle Sauer

Kindergarten Co-Teacher and GMSG Dorm Counselor

Dina Selter

GMSG Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Moshe Semmel

5th and 6th grade Rebbe, and Supplementary Learning Support in the Lower Division, and Programming Support for the CYHSB division

Moreh Shimshon Soleman

Instructor of Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language

Erica Stoltz

Assistant to the Head of School

Laura Timmons

Librarian and ECE Music Teacher

Timothy Vickers

Instructor of Science Grades 9-12

Rivka Wiener

2nd Grade General Studies Teacher and 4th Grade General Studies Co-Teacher, Literacy Coordinator

Elisheva Wolfe

Pre-K 4 Co-Teacher and Aftercare

Joyce Bender

1st Grade Judaic Studies Assistant

John Brandon

High School Math and Science

Ashley Brown

English Teacher (Grades 9-12)

Melissa Chaifetz

Early Childhood Aide

Amanda Davidson

Receptionist/Office Manager

Miriam Finkelman

1st Grade Judaic Studies

Brandy Flack

Executive Director

Sandy Gersten

Judaics Studies Principal Grades 1-8, Fourth Grade Judaic Studies

Rabbi Ilai Grunwald

Rosh Kollel, High School Judaic Studies Teacher

Rabbi Yosef Hauser

2nd Grade Judaic Studies Teacher, Judaic Administrative and Programming Support

Tziporah Hollander

5th and 6th Grade Morah

Lisa Johnson

Horizons Director

Cantor Ricky Kampf

Music Teacher and Coordinator for extra-curricular programs in the Lower division, Judaic Studies Aide

Dr. Whitney Kennon

General Studies Principal Grades 9-12

Tracy Levey

Pre-K 4 Teacher Assistant and Aftercare Co-Teacher

Rabbi Akiva Males

Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher

Scott McCann

High School Math Teacher and Math Coordinator

Katie Minner

Pre-K 3 Teacher and Early Childhood Director

Sandra Osdoba

Kitchen Manager

Dov Rossman

High School Judaic Studies Teacher, FYOS Assistant Principal

Ruth Samuels

General Studies Principal Grades 1-8, Elementary Art

Francie Schneider

Office Assistant

Eitan Selter

Elementary Math Teacher

Max Shapiro

High School Math Teacher

Shamika Stigger

Kitchen Assistant

Ian Thomas

Elementary General Studies Instructor

Talya Tsuna

Director of Student Advancement and College Guidance, Instructor in the Upper School

Rabbi Yisroel Weiner

Head of School

Ricky Wilson

Maintenance and Facilities


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