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Meet Our Dean



our Dean, Mrs. Rochelle (Shelley) Kutliroff, a seasoned educator and administrator who is in touch with the special character of Jewish Memphis and its unwavering support for the school. Mrs. Kutliroff has an open-door policy and encourages all members of the MHA/FYOS community, parents, students, teachers and staff, to chat with her about anything of interest! Read more about Mrs. Kutliroff's background by clicking here. Mrs. Kutliroff updates her blog regularly. Check out her most recent post here.

Welcome to Our School, Our Community


here are few Orthodox communities in the world like that of Memphis, TN. With three different shuls all who collaborate and share with each other, a culture of warmth and hospitality that is legendary, a commitment to its own community

It is a place like no other. And we’ve saved a very special place here for your child.

and to the State of Israel that is unsurpassed, and a desire to strive toward even greater heights on both the personal and communal level, Memphis is a shining example of what a true Centrist Orthodox community should be. And, all of those elements are captured, embraced, fostered, and cultivated in the Day School that has formed the bedrock of the Memphis community for over half a century. The community today, though, is younger than ever and poised for growth — and the Margolin Hebrew Academy is leading the way. With new leadership, new curricula, and a renewed focus on reflective teaching practice, MHA / FYOS is well on its way to becoming a flagship institution for those who want their children to engage the sophisticated world around us in all of its beauty and with all of its challenges, through the ever present prism of Torah and Jewish values. It is a place where children grow, lives are touched, and horizons are broadened. It is a place where Torah is learned, Torah is lived, and Torah is loved. A place of education and inspiration. It is a place like no other. And we’ve saved a very special place here for your child.

Your Support


or over 60 years the Margolin Hebrew Academy has been cultivating the minds and hearts of Jewish children from Memphis and far beyond. With the help of people like you, we will continue to do so for generations to come. Invest in the future of our people.

Simply Southern with a Dash of Kosher Soul

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Fundraising Spotlight!

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2014/2015 Applications

ImageAPPLICATIONS FOR THE 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR are available through the link below on the DOWNLOAD page of this website.

Link to Application Form.

Year at a Glance

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Cooper Invitational

ImageNational Tournament

Find out about one of the most action packed events of our school year. You can also listen live during games.